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Semi Permanent Brows

I have found that many clients opt for the most natural looking brows, with many still suffering the consequences of the overplucked 90’s brow! Bold brows are also very popular, with the fluffy brow being the latest fashion trend. I always aim to give clients a brow that will age well, as although it is interchangeably called semi-permanent/permanent, treatments can take years to fade.

Each treatment is tailored to suit the client’s unique brow shape, and enhance what is already there. However, there is flexibility with brows to create a whole new shape which can be perfect for those who have little to no brow hair. There is so much versatility with brows, using different techniques to create natural or bold, soft or fluffy brows that don't rub off!

If you aren't sure which style is best suited to you, book in for any and we can decide on the day! A consultation is conducted at the beginning of each treatment where I can assess your brows and guide you on which style is best to suit the results you want to achieve.

Brows are completed over 2 sessions. During the 1st session the shape is drawn, making the most of the client’s natural brow shape and brow bone structure, once the shape has been agreed and any tweaks made, a colour is selected with the guidance of the client. Pigment is then implanted using a very fine permanent cosmetic needle and 6-12 weeks later a top-up treatment will be required to perfect the brows and make any colour adjustments.

Believe it or not, many clients fall asleep whilst having their brows done! Numbing is used throughout the treatment to ensure clients are as comfortable as possible. Most clients describe it as a scratchy feeling, with most feeling little to no discomfort. I ensure clients communicate with me throughout the treatment so I can tailor the technique and pressure to suit them whilst also ensuring the brows are completed to the highest of standards.

After the initial 2 treatments, semi-permanent brows can last anywhere from 1-3 years, depending on the client’s skin type, lifestyle and how well they look after their tattoo. The pigment will start to gradually fade overtime and a yearly top up would be recommended every 12-18 months to ensure the brows are kept looking their best!

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