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Claire Tong
Claire Tong


1. Putting Clients First

Your satisfaction is our number 1 priority at all times. We are here to listen, adapt and exceed your expectations

2. Bespoke Treatment Plans

Every treatment at NORS is bespoke to you. Your goals and expectations will be at the forefront and you will be expertly guided every step of the way

3. Subtly Enhancing your Natural Beauty

At NORS we believe the best permanent make-up is the most natural and undetectable. We aim to provide subtle enhancements which will boost your confidence and save you time

The Service You Can Expect

Claire is a Semi-Permanent Make-Up Specialist with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in Permanent Cosmetics

The highest standards in hygiene, client safety and aftercare support

We are here to help, your aftercare support is lifelong, if you have any questions at any point, please get in touch

Premium products are used for your treatment, with the number 1 goal being results that last long and age well, gradually fading over time

A fully licensed and insured clinic

A comfortable and relaxing environment


We always love to hear from our customers. Feel free to drop by or get in touch today to learn more about NORS Permanent Cosmetics and what we have to offer.



John Gillespie, 26 St John St, Perth, PH1 5SP


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