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Lip Blush

Lip blush is a hugely popular semi-permanent make-up procedure which helps to define the lips using natural or bold colours. Lip blush is completed over 2 sessions. Unlike brows, we must stick to the client’s lip skin and cannot go out-with, as this will not heal or age well. However, small tweaks can be made to try and create symmetry and make the most of the lips by ensuring there is pigment all around. As we age, lips can lose the pigment around the edges, making them appear smaller and less defined, so Lip Blush can help to prevent this.

During the 1st session the shape is drawn, making the most of the client’s natural lip shape and once the shape has been agreed a colour is selected with the guidance of the client. A natural colour can be used to enhance the lips or a brighter, bolder colour can be used depending on client preference. Remember - colour can always be adjusted at the retouch! Pigment is then implanted into the lip tissue using a very fine permanent cosmetic needle. 6-12 weeks later a top-up treatment will be required to perfect the lips and make any colour adjustments. Like brows, Lip Blush will gradually fade overtime and a top-up would be recommended every 12-18 months.

Lip Blush can be slightly more sensitive than brows, however numbing is used throughout and I will ensure to communicate with the client and adjust technique for maximum comfort.


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